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  1. I don't really have any code behind or markup other than what the designer creates when you first drop a grid onto a web page. There are two data sources: SqlDataSource1 gets master records by AccountNumber SqlDataSource2 gets detail records by AccountNumber I drag a grid onto the page and point it to DataSource1. Within the properties, I click Add Child Data for a master-detail secondary grid. I point it to DataSource2. I make sure grid1 and grid2 have the same field in DataParameterField - the TransactionDate, which appears in both the master and detail records. When I run the webapp, the correct master records display. When I drop down the detail for a record, though, I'm getting too many detail items. I'm getting all items from the correct day, but there are multiple records per day. THOSE are identified by TransactionNumber. Each day starts at 1. So, DataParameterField needs to accept both TransactionDate AND TransactionNumber. That would fix it, but I can't select multiple fields when using the properties page to access DataParameterField, in either grid1 or grid2. Here's a literal display of what I want: Account123 1/1/07 Transaction1 detail1 $500.00 detail2 $12.00 Account123 1/1/07 Transaction2 detail1 $999.00 detail2 $17.00 But here's what I'm actually getting: Account123 1/1/07 Transaction1 detail1 $500.00 detail2 $12.00 detail1 $999.00 detail2 $17.00 Account123 1/1/07 Transaction2 detail1 $500.00 detail2 $12.00 detail1 $999.00 detail2 $17.00 Because there is no place to inform the grid1 to grid2 relationship about TransactionNumber. The DataParameterField is set to TransactionDate. Hope this clarifies the problem. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. I'm still stuck here. What I'm looking to do is change the DataParameterField that links Grid1 (master) to Grid2 (detail) into a collection of fields, instead of one field. I didn't want to change the DataParameterValue in the 2 data sources, because I'm currently getting all the correct records.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! Ok, so, referring back to my original goal, can you recommend a way to further filter the child records prior to display? In my current configuration, each child record is repeated in every master record, even when they do not belong to the same date as the master record. The appear because they match account numbers. Will there be a difference if the child data control keys off of the grid control instead of the query string that both data sources currently key off? It feels like the solution is hiding right in front of me, but I don't see it yet. Thanks again.
  4. Is it possible to use more than one field to link a child and master grid together? Specifically, I have two fields that need to be used to narrow the child data down to the correct records for display. Three fields appear in both the master and child data sources: AccountNumber, TransactionDate, TransactionNumber. The data sources both key on the account number only. Now, the child data needs to filter by the TransactionDate AND the TransactionNumber in order to show the correct records. Thanks in advance for help!
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