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  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to the update. Thx.
  2. When the user selects to insert a new entry in the grid I want to display a custom form. I've been able to define the template in the Editing / Inserting / FormTemplate section of the GridFX control definition. I need to be able to do a few additional things that I haven't found a way to do yet: 1. Change the title that is displayed on the modalform from "Add data" to "Add Product" 2. Initialize some of the form fields in the modalform, similar to how I would do it for a web form in the Page_Load method. For example, I need to have the user provide data for additional fields that are not displayed in the grid and those fields require initialization. 3. If an error occurs, I want to set the text of the error message that is displayed by the GridFX control. 4. Is the ItemInserting action the correct place for me to make the calls to my business logic to add the records (setting e.Handled to true)? Thanks for your help.
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