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  1. Hi I am generating a bar chart for a client with gradient colouring. I know you can do this for two colors (a main and an alternate) going vertically up along the bar. But I was wondering if it is possible to do this going along the Bar, from left to right. ie. the left side of an individual bar has one color and this merges into the other color on the right hand side. Hope this is clear! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards David
  2. Hi, I'm using Winforms ChartFX 7 I have a client who needs better quality images coming out of the chart export within our application. They're using the charts in a publishing package. So bitmap is not good enough for them, they have requested SVG type - scaleable vector. I understand this is available in Webforms version and not in Winforms. Is it possible to do at all in Winforms? Could I leverage ChartFX for Web to produce SVG exports? This is an important client and I would really like to help them on this. Thanks David
  3. Hi Our application uses the default color schemes (ChartFX6) Some clients want some of the colors (e.g. series colors) altered in a few of the charts. I've used the article on creating your own palettes (Q6001019. Creating color palettes for ChartFX for .NET) and have got it working fine. However the colors supplied for this article (user.pal) are not based on my base color scheme (ChartFX6). Thus the colors of many aspects of the charts differ from our standard look. Getting compatibility between series and borders is also problematic. The best way is to adjust the ChartFX6 palette for
  4. Hi I was wondering whether you've had a chance to check this out. Although I posted it some time ago,it's become a bit urgent now Thanks David
  5. Hi Many thanks for this I've tried doing it a few times since I last posted but no luck. I tried pasting into a C# project (I'm a VB coder) but it rejected it - didn't recognise Chart.Data I didn't recognise much of the code myself. Would it be possible to translate a few of the key lines into VB? I'm thinking of the GalleryAttributes Overlap line as well as a few of the Data YFrom lines. Hopefully this will give me enough clues to get it going in VB Thanks again David
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