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  1. Ok. I've ask the vendor to contact ChartFX directly. Thanks for your help anyway. Hopefully they'll be able to track down the problem.
  2. This is what the vendor told me. And beside the other 3 dll's are from chartfx, which I don't think it's storing the license information. Would it be possible to post the EXE somewhere, where you could have a look as well?
  3. There are only 3 files. ChartFxTestHarness.exe chartfx.dll chartfx.base.dll The 2 dlls are from chartfx only the executable is not from chartfx. This EXE does include the chartfx license information as it's working on several computers (where no chartfx has been installed before) without showing error 03000000. I am abit loss of what else to look for. Not sure whether the license information will be saved in the registry? Maybe there is something missing.
  4. To trace this license issue, I've ask the vendor to provide me a simple test application which just show the chart on a form. So the license information is included in the test Executable.They've also let me know that the Chart is being added to the form at design time.
  5. 1) Yes, this is consistent on the non working computers. 2) No. The installation is the same as on the non working computers. 3) Not too sure as it's an of the shelf product which makes use of chart FX .net dlls 4) The chart is indeed created from DLL assemblies as it required the base dll and the chartfx.dll. Could you maybe give me some indication of what 03000000 error means? Security? Missing file? Thanks, Chris
  6. Hi,Currently we're having a application which is making use of ChartFX 6.2 .net components.When we start up the application it's displaying error "Invalid ChartFX license 03000000".The same application works will work on some other machines.Is there anyone who could provide me with details regarding to error 03000000 as I haven't been able tofind it. Thanks,Chris
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