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  1. I migrated chart Fx 5.5 to chart Fx 6.2 with Ext. Pack in my application. I have a mdx query select { ([Planning].[Actual],[Measures].[AverageBalance]), ([Planning].[Actual],[Measures].[Average30Days]), ([Planning].[Goal], [Measures].[AverageBalance]) } on 0, {Filter( LastPeriods(30, [Time].[All Time].[2002].[Quarter 1].[March].[31] ), [Measures].[isWorkDay] = 1 ) } on 1 from Sales chart display correctly in Chart Fx 5.5 But in Chart Fx 6.2 with Ext. Pack chart dispaly like below with same mdx query. I want chart in 6.2 like 5.5. Please help...
  2. When i try run web application in framework 1.1 with olap it show the error "Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information." and display image with Cross sign. I have Installed - Chart Fx 6.2 for .net ChartFX Extension for olap ChartFx for Internet Please Help me ASAP.
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