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  1. Please take a look on the following picture.
  2. Thank you very much for your quick reply. >All series have the same amount of points (maxPointNum). Is that means I should allocate space to make all my series have the same length, using Chart.Hidden to fill the empty points? ChartFX don't do that for me? I understand why 12500 may not be the last label of x axis, but my problem is actually that the last scale of x axis being wiredrawed very long. The label of scale beginning is 8000 and the ending is 8000,too. The data between 8000 to 1250 is displayed in this long scale. Perhaps I need to give a screen snap shot tomorrow. It see
  3. I am using ChartFX 6.2 for .NET to display my data. But I meet a serious problem. That is ChartFX seems use the first series I add to setup X axis. If the following series have more points than the first one, they will not be rightly displayed. for example, I have 4 series, the first and the third one have 201 points and the others have 1539 points. The x value range of shorter series are from 0 to 8000 and the other two is from 0 to 12500. When I use OpenData to add them to ChartFX, the values from 8000 to 12500 could not be rightly displayed. And the last X axis label is 8000
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