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    decimal separator

    I mailed to support@softwarefx.com and getting hotfix now. thanks.
  2. Dear, When I open dialog input "1.2345" as step value, then open dialog again, I got "1.23" for step value. How do I change the number of significant digit in dialog?
  3. hminky

    decimal separator

    Dear juanC I have same problem, How can I get newest service pack for CFX C/S 6.2 ? I searched homepage, but those service pack is old one and I already have.
  4. Dear, Frank I want to export text file, and want to change text headers. I can make file and write my own headers, but How can I export to that file? Is it possible? almost same situation in previous posting. http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/4240/10389.aspx#10389 but I need more sample code or tutorial.
  5. Dear, 1. Could you show me C++ sample code how to use mousemove event and hittest with annotation ?I tested my sample code, but not works.I can't catch mouse event when annontation object is under the mouse. I guess the mouse event is going to annotation object, but how can I catch it? 2. how to use SelectList Cfx62Annotation::_AnnotationXPtr m_AnnotationPtr;m_AnnotationPtr.CreateInstance(__uuidof(Cfx62Annotation::AnnotationX)); VARIANT varExtension;V_VT(&varExtension) = VT_DISPATCH;V_DISPATCH(&varExtension) = m_AnnotationPtr;m_chartPtr->Extensions->Add(varExtension); _Anno
  6. When I mouse down or up, I can get a MouseDown / MouseUp events. But DoubleClick event is not called at legend box. does it bug or by design?
  7. Dear, I can catch KeyDown message before main application manage it. for example, in chartfx control, I can overriede PreTranslateMessage BOOL CChartFxControl::PreTranslateMessage(LPMSG pMsg) { switch(pMsg->message) { case WM_KEYDOWN: m_chartPtr->KeyDown((UINT)pMsg->wParam, 0, 0); //??? return CWnd::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg); } but, in this case, I have to send KeyDown Message to ChartFX, but no way to send message!!. How to send KeyDown message to chartfx?
  8. Dear, I tried your suggestions and It worked. but When I set invisible to some series, the Point number is no longer means Series number. for example, there are 0, 1, 2 series and I set Series1 to invisible, (m_chartPtr->Series->Item[1]->Visible = FALSE;) Point 0 means Series 0, but Point 1 means Series 2 so, I have to manage Series-Point number relations. Is this bug or by design? Is it fixed in CFX 2005? TestChartFX.zip
  9. I saw a similiar issue in this forum. and I have a same problem. http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/1367/4351.aspx#4351 please see a attached file. I made it for reporduce situations. I made a MDI application, and I create ChartFX control in CView window. and in main program, I assigned shortcuts of "Save As" to single character 'c' in this case, If I try to input titles like "abcde", "Save As" dialog appeared. when I keydown char 'c', I think, the messages are going to main application. so, How do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  10. Dear,I finally found out "ShowPropertiesDialog"but It was difficult to use correctly,for example, to show AxisX property dialog,I tried following code ( using MSVC++ 2005 ) 1. using _Ptr //not workingm_chartPtr->ShowPropertiesDialog( m_chartPtr->AxisX->_Ptr, 0); 2. using _variant_t // looks working but Release() error occurs at program terminates._variant_t axisX;axisX.vt = VT_DISPATCH;axisX.pdispVal = (IDispatch*)m_chartPtr->AxisX;m_chartPtr->ShowPropertiesDialog(axisX, 2); 3. using VARIANT // working good, but using a raw_ShowPropertiesDialogVARIANT axisX;axisX.vt = VT_DIS
  11. Dear, More questions. 1. Can I open property dialog programmatically? Which objects has Property Dialog? Users are a little confusing to view property dialog what they want. so, I want to collect all items which have property dialog. such as, X Axis, Y Axis, Legend Box, Titles, Series, etc then users can change more easily to change settings. 2. I want to change MinorGrid, MinorGridlines, MinorStor, MinorTickMark. Is there Property dialog for MinorXXX?
  12. Point Works! Thank you! Two more questions 1. Can I move LegendBox to inside Chart? LegendBox takes too much spaces but have to be shown. Is there any way? 2. please give me an idea to show an selected state. for example, if click series1 in legendbox, I want to show "Series1 is selected" and ready to some action to "Series1". can I border only series1? or something like that? Can I get position and size of series1 in Legend box? Highlight is not sufficient to me when I mousemove to other position, highlight turns off.
  13. I made a MouseUp event. void CDynamicDlg::OnMouseDownClientserver1(LPDISPATCH sender, LPDISPATCH args) { Cfx62::_MouseEventArgsXPtr argsPtr; argsPtr = args; CString strY; int x = argsPtr->X; int y = argsPtr->Y; Cfx62::HitType type = argsPtr->_HitType; int series = argsPtr->Series; double value = argsPtr->Value; When MouseDown at DataEditor, I can get correct HitType (HitType_DataEditor) and series. btw, MouseDown at LegendBox, I can get correct HitType (HitType_LegendBox) but Series always return -1. Is it a bug? (when I test wit
  14. Dear, My company has plan to change plot controls to ChartFX. (.NET or COM version) My company's main product is kind of CAE software (based on unmanaged c++), Making Models, Simulating, and Viewing Results as Plot / Animation etc, and Support VBA or VSTA (VSTA is next generation of VBA) With VSTA, users want to make dialogs, add plot controls in dialogs, and customize them. I have some "redistribution license" questions. 1. wrapper issue If I buy ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 I saw a runtime license problems such as Q6101008. Using Chart FX for .NET Windows Forms control from a D
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