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  1. I want to say thanks to support team adn to show what I did by ChartFx. There is Scatter Plot and Ellipse.
  2. Hello, I had the same problem with Bar. Try this: chart1.AxisX.Style = AxisStyle.ShowEnds;
  3. picture 2. I don't want put panes in this way.
  4. I'm trying to it in this way: picture 1 in additional. But not this: picture 2. Is it possible?
  5. Hi,is there a way to split panes horizontal, not only vertically? Thank you.
  6. I'm not going to change any Y or X values. Just group. The dot stay in the same position, but change seria (take color of another seria).
  7. I have different groups(for example: 1(red), 2(green), 3(blue)) in my chart. If I click on one dot of group # 2, I want to change it for example in group # 1. Sorry for my english.
  8. Hi, how can I change the series for the specific points in Q-Q plot (Gallery.Regression). Thank you.
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