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  1. One request we get a lot is the procedure to create a custom SVG for PowerGadgets. The library that's included with PowerGadgets is extensive and will probably cover most user's needs but it's nice to be able to take advantage of the inherent extensibility of PowerGadgets by creating custom SVGs. It's also pretty easy to do as well. Please note that you aren't limited to creating geographical maps. I've seen very cool implementations of custom diagrams of a client's network. You can create a gadget from anything you can diagram. The tool of choice to create your SVGs is Adobe Illustrator CS (
  2. Hello fedrac. I've just signed up for the Support group forum RSS and it works fine for me using Outlook 2007's RSS reader. The most recent entry is Friday which was when the most recent thread was created. You can also subscribe to a specific thread's RSS from within the thread by clicking on the RSS icon at the bottom of the page, as opposed to subscribing to a forum's RSS which will feed you only the thread titles and initial posts, not the replies within said thread. Thanks. -- Jax
  3. I removed the home link because we don't use the default homepage that community server provides us. We were redirecting from the community server home to the softwarefx.com home, but that caused problems when users logged in and out. Once they logged in they would be redirected to powergadgets.com and not the community. Now all logins/logouts will be returned to the community. ChartsFx_Issue.zip
  4. I changed the frequency of the updates from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Hopefully this will be a nice balance of refreshing quickly without crushing the server when we get busy. Thanks again. [Y]
  5. I've noticed this myself. The documentation of the software used for this forums make mention of this. I'll look into if there is a way to increase the frequency of the cache updates. Thanks for posting.
  6. http://community.softwarefx.com/blogs/powergadgets_team_blog/rss.aspx Hi fedrac, this link will allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed for the PowerGadgets Team Blog. Let me know if that helps. Thanks.
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