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  1. Problem resolved! On the PSS-virtual directory/web application Execute permissions were set to None instead of Scripts only. Works fine now!
  2. Thank you Randy for your reply. With the PSS-service stopped, the chart is displayed with the image url as: "/chartfx70/temp/CFV0806_0739592EABE.png"
  3. Hi! We've been using ChartFX7 for a while and everything have been working fine. A while ago our development machine stopped showing the images and I've been troubleshooting for a while now, reading "Q7622021. Troubleshooting the PSS Service" carefully but I just can't get it so please review and any input at all is very appreciated. 1. The PSS service is running and urls are in the format: "/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-080509190&type=png&mime=image%2fpng" 2. I have changed the file "C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe.config", setting "EventLogLevel
  4. Tobias

    Unwanted bold

    Thank you Carlos for your reply. You are quite right, by changing background to white it looks much better.
  5. Tobias

    Unwanted bold

    When I render a chart i get bold axis-labels, even if I set it to a regular-font. (see attachment) Can't figure out why... any ideas? < chartfx7:Chart ID="ChartIK" runat="server" ContextMenus="False" Height="250px" Width="300px" Visible="false"></chartfx7:Chart>ChartIK.AxisY.LabelsFormat.Decimals = 2;ChartIK.LegendBox.Visible = false;ChartIK.Border = new ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.SimpleBorder(ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.SimpleBorderType.None);ChartIK.Background = new ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.SolidBackground(System.Drawing.Color.Transparent);ChartIK.DataSourceSettings.Field
  6. Hi Tomas and thank you for your reply! In my scenario it is when the value of the bar exceeds the set maxvalue of the axis. Your workaround is ok for now but it would be a nice feature to "automate" this. //Tobias
  7. Hello! I wonder if there is any support for "broken" bars are supported if value of bar exceeds set max-value? Example drawn in attached image.
  8. Hello Andre and thank you for your reply. I'm still struggling with the ConditionalAttributesCallback. I've got the method to work on point-based valued with ex: if (Chart1.Data.Y[e.Series, e.Point] == 13){ e.Attributes = 1;}...which applies the settings of index 1 of the conditional attribute collection. What I don't get is how to use another value than the actual value of the bar. I've searched the resource center and forums to find answers but I'm obviously missing some part of the part on how to use the Tag-attribute or something. Any point in the right direction would be appreciate
  9. Is it possible to use the CrosstabDataProvider when you want to render Pie-charts? I only get one value passed to each pie-chart, making them filled 100% one color. If I have data: Name ValueX ValueY test1 80 20 test2 75 25 test3 50 50 ...I want it to render 3 panes with one pie-chart in each pane.
  10. Hi! I have a gannt-chart which I would like to set different colors on the bars depending on a value different from the actual bar. Lets say i have 3 incoming values: x = name of bar y = value of bar z = value to determine color, could be 1,2,3 or "black", "red", "green"... I've checked out the ConditionalAttributes-class but it seems that it needs to use the value of the actual bar. Any advise would be appreciated!
  11. Thank you Francisco! This resolved my problem!
  12. I'm having trouble getting my x-axis labels to show. <chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" ContextMenus="False" Width="300px" Height="200px"> <Series> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Gallery="Lines" Color="Red" MarkerShape="None" Text="gräns 1" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Gallery="Lines" Color="Red" MarkerShape="None" Text="gräns 2" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Color="153, 204, 255" Gallery="Lines" Text="bud" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Color="51, 102, 255" Gallery="Lines" Text="prev" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Color="0, 0, 0"
  13. After contact with excellent softwarefx-support issue is resolved after reinstall and removing anonymous access and adding windows integratrated.
  14. Why do I need write-permissions to the chartFX70-folder? Images seems to be saved to "...\Chart FX 7\PSS\Temp". In that folder I find files such as "091009350(XXXXX_tsje)_png" and "091009350(XXXXX_tsje)", without file extension. The image-path posted earlier was wrong. It should be: <img id="ChartKLS" src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-091010030&type=png&mime=image%2fpng"... The PSS Service is running. I do have a virtual dir to the ChartFX70-installation The folder /chartfx70/PSS is an application within IIS, in a .NET2.0-application pool
  15. I've just installed ChartFX7 and done my first example. I get the samples to work but not my own example. All code seems to generate ok, incl toolbar but image does not show. No intellisense work either. Please advise! Some info: VS2005, AJAX enables Web Application Project Referenced classes: - ChartFX.WebForms - ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments - ChartFX.WebForms.Base - ChartFX.WebForms.Dhtml Generated html: ...<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,440,250" onmousedown="SFX_SetRightClickMenu(event,'ChartKLS','29474','')" oncontextmenu="return false;" /> </map>
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