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  1. Thanks, that makes sense. Have another question, is there any particular reason why the last date on the x-axis wouldn't show, as shown in the attachment. I am not setting any property that would make it do that.
  2. Yes, I understand why 2007 doesnt show But if you look at the graph and try to figure out, manually, where Nov 2007 might be on the X-axis then the last data point will approximately correspond to 2007 January (by looking at the size of interval between two years and approximating ). However, in the dataset the last datapoint is Nov 2007. If its not clear what I am saying then please look at the attached graph
  3. I get the correct graph if I use excel i.e. data is not shifted by one year to the left
  4. The line graphs are shifted to the left by one year and so the last year, 2007, doesn't show. I have attached the project, which contains the graph that I got and a comma seprated file for the data. Please provide any suggestions
  5. DannE

    Center labels

    If you rotate all the X-axis label by a certain angle is there a property which you can use to center the labels? I found something for the pointlabels i.e. chart.PointLabelAlign, but is there something for the regular axis labels?
  6. DannE

    Labels overlap

    In the chart(attached) if I increase the label font size some labels are omitted, I am guessing because they tend to overlap. Is it possible to force all labels to show even if they overlap?
  7. Is it possible to get the labels as in the graph (bottom part) for each data point in the two series? I know there are point labels but I dont want view labels where the bars end rather I want them at the bottom like in the graph...
  8. DannE

    Bar charts

    the source table for this graph has two rows and four columns, so it considers each column as a separate series. Is it possible to have each row considered a series without tranposing data?
  9. DannE

    Bar charts

    What I mean is that I want the two series to be together that is the first data point of the first series should be with the first data point of the second series. What I am getting right now is shown in the new graph that i have attached i.e. the two series are separate.
  10. DannE

    Bar charts

    I want to have bar charts similar to what I have in the graph attached. Basically blue is one series (first row of table that I am getting from DB) and green is the second series (second row of the same table). What settings do I need to set to make this happen?
  11. added the two lines of code getting a weird graph, please take a look.
  12. Dataset: Country: -0.01Regional vs. : -2.3300000000000001E-2Sector: -4.8300000000000003E-2Price: -6.3200000000000006E-2Revisions: -1.7299999999999999E-2Intra: -5.3900000000000003E-2Valuation: -1.7100000000000001E-2Sector: -0.23310000000000003 code: Chart1.Gallery = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Gallery.Bar; Chart1.Titles[0].Text = title; Chart1.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White; //chModContribution.SerLegBox = true;Chart1.PointLabels = true;Chart1.AxisX.Visible= false; Chart1.AxisY.LabelsFormat.CustomFormat = "0.0%"; Chart1.PointLabelMask = "%L \n %v"; Chart1.BorderObject.Color = System.
  13. What I mean is the bars are not starting from zero.
  14. please look at the attached screen shot, why does this happen?
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