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  1. After some more research it looks as if the Windows XP service pack 3 is causing the issue. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this through chartfx. I am using the older version of chartfx
  2. I have a user that has the .NET framework 1.1 installed on their machine. They are trying to access a webpage that has a chartfx chart on it and I am getting a .NET inititialization error that says "Unable to find a version of the runtime to Run application" error when they try to access the page. Is this a chartfx issue or a .net issue?
  3. Follow up. I moved the chartfx dll's(6.2) from another application on our stage environment that had not yet had dll's overwritten with the 6.2 dlls from my dev box. When I did this the charts showed up and I did not get the missing license tag issue. I have completely removed the 7.0 install and now just have 6.2 installed on my dev box. I compared the dll's from the application that worked to the ones that are on my dev box and they are all the same version.
  4. I currently have both the chartfx 6.2 and new chartfx 7 installed locally on my development box. I had to make changes to an old asp.net 1.0 application that uses the chartfx 6.2 dll. Everything works fine locally until I moved my compiled code to our stage server. All that comes up is a grey box, the expected functionality when you right click is there , the chart is just not rendered for some reason. If i set the html tag to image , it shows up. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Rich/Desktop/chfx62.jpg
  5. I have a basic chart with the border type set to rounded. The issue is that the background of the page is not white so when the chart is displayed it has the white background around the rounded corners. Is there any way to eliminate the white background?
  6. I am getting the following config. error when i build my application and try and view it locally on my machine. No idea why this is happening, sometimes it happens other times it does not. It happens after I build the application multiple times. Parser Error Message: Access is denied: 'ChartFX.Borders'
  7. I have changed the htmltag property to an image and am now getting this error... "invalid ChartFX License 31000000" All the servers have the most recent service pack updates.
  8. I am currently building a chartfx 6.2 application with visual studio 2005. Locally my application runs just fine, when i create a Web Deployment project and move the files to our testing server some strange behavior occurs. When I hit the page the chart is on , it shows an image icon and then the downloading chart animation for a few seconds, then the entire browser shuts down and crashes. Has anyone created a 2005 2.0 web application with chartfx 6.2 and successfully deploy the project?
  9. After I added the code to fix the activation required issue I keep getting a javascript error of Object Expected. Has anyone else run into this same problem?
  10. I have been developing a asp.net application using chartfx charts locally on my machine. Currently I have Chartfx development studio with the most recent chartfx service pack installed. I recently moved my application to our testing server which also has the most current patch installed on it and when I try to access the web pages , i get the Missing license tag error. I tried changing the html type property to Image and the Images comes up, but not when it is set for the .net. We are running .net 2.0 on both my local box and our stage box. I checked the File version of the dll's on my mach
  11. Ok, I did not know that this file was auto generated each time. Thanks for clarifying that for me
  12. Here is a link to the page that remedies the issue. http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticle.aspx?product=CfxNet62&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/712/2/131.htm this is the part that i am having issues on .. <script src="/ChartFX62/Temp/CFT0419_01513034CE3.js"></script> <script>cfx_replaceChart1();</script>
  13. Can someone let me know where this .js file is suppose to be? I did the upgrade, looked in the temp folder and can not find the js file that it said is suppose to be there. Any help would be great.
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