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  1. Thanks Frank. However I still have a problem because though I can see the Culture properties when I edit code manually, I can't see the Culture properties through the IDE interface. I am unable to set the properties manually through code, since all the code is in Designer classes and is automatically generated. Could this be related to the version that I'm running on (version 6.2)?
  2. I am using Chart FX version 6.2.1342.0 in Visual Studio 2005. I am trying to localize the axis names, but there is no Culture or Language/Localizable option in the Chart Control. Do I need to set something first to get access to this property?
  3. Hi, I'm new to both .NET and ChartFX so apologies in advance if I'm asking really obvious questions. I'm trying to get localization working for my ChartFX chart in C#. Firstly, I'm using the Properties of the chart to set the X and Y axis values, and I can't see where I localize this (there is the option on my UserControl, but this doesn't work either). Secondly, I would like the tool-tips for some of the actual controls in the Chart to be localized as well, but can't see where I would do this. Any help would be much appreciated.
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