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marco.shaw    0

Sorry for the delay.  Are you looking at how to use/install PowerGadgets or are just looking at how to use the new gadget-based features in Windows Vista?

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marco.shaw    0

One thing that you must realize is that if you want to run the interactive gadget on another machine, you must have PowerGadgets installed there also.

That being said, you can save your gadget to an image and pass that around (or copy to a server for viewing).

I'm not up to speed on whether there are different pricing schemes for the product and whether they offer the Creator package, and a smaller lightweight "runtime only" install.  The latter would only be able to show gadgets and provide the PowerShell cmdlets (without the Creator wizard UI).

Email support AT powergadgets DOT com if you think you might want to inquire about different pricing schemes.

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