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TomasT    0


This error typically means that the license is not present in the registry.

Have you installed Chart FX on the server? Please note that running the installation in the server is required in order to create the right licensing information.




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tcupit    0

We are using ChartFX as part of ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 and have received this error.  We should definitely be licensed properly, so how can I check the registry?

We have been using ProClarity for nearly a year, but only a few months in Production, and we have only seen this error once.  Our application is visible to senior executives in a very large insurance company, so it is important that we ensure such "hiccups" do not recur.

 Any guidance is much appreciated.



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rocioZ    0

The license issue is commonly solve by an re-installation of Chart FX. Please note when Chart FX is installed on a machine, the license keeps record of the machine-specific information such as machine name, IP, MAC address, and others. If any machine settings were changed, you should completely uninstall, and then install Chart FX again.

I strongly recommend you to completely uninstall you current installation, download the latest version of Chart FX and then install again.

If you need further assistance, please send an email to support@softwarefx[DOT]com. Do not forget to send them your Serial Number as well.

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