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Horizontal Zero Line with Multiple Panes

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When I use the multiple pane feature, it seems that my charts lose the grey horizontal zero line. This happens even if I have one pane in the chart. The zero line shows up fine if I have a single chart but I don't use panes. I'm using Chart FX 6.2 COM with Visual C++ and MFC.

How do I get the zero line to show up?


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Hachem, I am not able to reproduce this. Are you able to provide some sample working code and some screenshots of what you are experiencing?



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This problem has yet to be resolved in my case.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload my code. If someone can upload their code, that would help all of us.


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This code genereates 2 panes. In the second pane the zero line is missing. This alway occurs when there are positive and negative numbers in the series. A work around may be to define a Constant Line for value 0 with the same color + width as the zero line would have, but I would prefer a more elegant solution.


  'Fill data with positive and negative numbers

  Chart1.ClearData ClearDataFlag_AllData

  Chart1.OpenData COD_Values, 2, 2


  Chart1.Value(0, 0) = 50

  Chart1.Value(0, 1) = -75

  Chart1.Value(1, 0) = 75

  Chart1.Value(1, 1) = -50


  Chart1.CloseData COD_Values

  'Set panes

  Dim ax As Axis

  Set ax = Chart1.Axis(YAxis_Main)

  ax.Pane = 0

  Chart1.Series(0).YAxis = YAxis_Main


  Set ax = Chart1.Axis(3)

  ax.YAxis = True

  ax.Position = AxisPosition_Near

  ax.Pane = 1

  Chart1.Series(1).YAxis = 3




  Chart1.Panes(0).Title.text = "First pane"

  Chart1.Panes(1).Title.text = "Second pane"


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