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How to give -size in -group

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Hi.. all..  

when i use in out-gauge GROUPING with -size, it's fine. But when i add out-chart , it's resize.It's, -size, also work with only one chart. If i add another gauge or chart to group, it's resize to default.


get-date -uformat %r | out-gauge -group MyGroup -name Time  -size 200,100 ps | out-chart -values WorkingSet -group MyGroup -name Processes -size 200,100





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marco.shaw    0

Reverse the order of those commands, and it seems out-gauge is completely ignoring the -size parameter alltogether, at least for me.

I tried with "-size 200,100" and "-size 400,100" and both are exactly the same size.

Can you duplicate?

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