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"Invalid license 1000000" in runtime execuatble

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I'm using ChartFX 6.2 in a VB6 (i.e. COM) application.


On my development system everything works fine.


When I run my application executable on my develeopment system everything works fine.


When I install my application on a test pc then trying to display the chart shows the above error.


I've found a number of other incidents which have the same symptom and those give a number of solutions:

- use the SetLicenceString call before any charts are created

- some people are saying that this is a problem in MDI applications


As part of my problem diagnosis I created two simple application, one was MDI and the other SDI. Both worked when I copied them to the test pc. But my 'real' application doesn't.


I tried to use the SetLicenseString but don't know what value to use - it isn't my serial number. Other issues say 'contact SoftwareFX support' but that doesn't seem possible unless you 'upgrade' to the support subscription scheme. I don't see whay I should do that simply to get a license number that I've already paid for.


All help / pointers gratefully received.




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