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Hank Z

Chart import function doesn't work

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Hank Z    0



I am using ChartFX COM 6.2 with VB6.  The export function:


   Chart1.export FileFormat_Bitmap, fil$


works exactly as expected.  I can open the exported chart and view it in Paint.  But the import function:


   Chart1.import FileFormat_Bitmap, fil$


does not appear to work at all.  When I  use it  the contents of the chart component do not change.  The previously  shown chart  remains visible.  I do not receive any error message.


I tried using Chart1.ClearData ClearDataFlag_Data to clear out the previously shown chart before using the import function, but it doesn't help. In this case the chart component remains blank after the import function.


I would much appreciate any ideas.





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