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Error sorting GridFX

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Hello Everyone, 

   I'm get the error when try sort and change page in the gridfx, and using VB.NET framework 3.5, visual studio 2008, and master page in my project, 

snippet code:

        Dim myList = New List(Of MyCrossTabData)

        myList.Add(New MyCrossTabData("P1001", "01-2006", 10))

      GridPorProducto.DataSource = myList 



There was a problem while processing your request.  The specific error message was: Exception type: System.InvalidOperationExceptionMessage: ctl00$ContentPlacePricipal$GridPorProducto's DataSource was null although settings indicate it should be used.  Handle Grid GridPorProducto's DataSourceSelecting event and set the e.DataSource property in the event handler.Stack Trace:    at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.a(DataSourceSelectingEventArgs A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.ab()   at do.f()   at do.a()   at do.r()   at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.b9()   at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.a(Object A_0, ba A_1)   at GridFX.WebForms.GridSortingSettings.a(ba A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.GridSortingSettings.a(Object A_0, ba A_1)   at l6.a(ba A_0)   at l6.a(ListChangeEventArgs`1 A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.ObservableList`1.Add(T item)   at GridFX.WebForms.FieldReferenceCollection.Add(DataField item)   at GridFX.WebForms.GridCommands.a(DataFieldSortCommandArgs A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.Command`1.d(TArgs A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.Command`1.a(CommandArgs A_0)   at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.a(String A_0, ki A_1)

   at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.f(String A_0) 






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AngelR    0

 Hi co_lcruz,

We have submitted this issue to our development team for analysis.

This issue is going to be attended according to the severity of the problem and the priority assigned by our development team.

In the case of this being a bug, the timeframe for bug resolutions may vary depending on the severity of the bug and once a fix is released, it is usually made available as part of the next service pack, so feel free to check later Service Packs for the possibility of a fix.

Thanks for reporting.

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