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Install ChartFX 7 with Visual Studio 2012

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mrobinson    0


I am currently rebuilding my main development machine and need to re-installl ChartFX 7.  The installer refuses to install and says "Visual Studio 2005 or above is required" despite the fact that I have Visual Studio 2012 installed.

I also cannot find anyway to contact support without a subscription (which I dont want or need).

Is there any way around this? Or some kind of workaround?

Any help greatfully appreciated.


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IGSFX    0

It seems you are using an old installer of Chart FX 7 that did not support VS 2012. The latest service pack and installer support VS 2012 perfectly fine. The latest service pack/installer is available for download at www.mysoftwarefx.com to any customer with a valid Studio FX subscription (Premium or Support). For further details about the Studio FX options please visit www.softwarefx.com/studiofx.

---IGSoftware FX 

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