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Collapse the AxisPainter, but keep Axis.CustomGridLines visible.

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 I have a line chart, and I would like its plot area to fill the total area of my chart, as if I set Axis.Visibility=Collapsed.

My problem is that, if I do so, the CustomGridLines defined for this axis don't appear anymore.

 Is there a way to do that?

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To hide the axis labels (and reduce space occupied by it) you can try the following code

  chart1.PlotArea.Margin = new Thickness(0, 0, 0, 0);
  chart1.AxisY.Labels.Visibility = AxisLabelVisibility.Collapsed;
  chart1.AxisY.Grids.Major.TickMark = TickMark.None;
  chart1.AxisY.Grids.Major.TickSize = 0;
  chart1.AxisY.Grids.Minor.TickMark = TickMark.None;
  chart1.AxisY.Grids.Minor.TickSize = 0;
  chart1.AxisY.Separation = 0;

Note that there will be a small space (about 2-3 pixels). In our next 8.1 build this should be reduced. If you are also hiding the X axis you could remove the chart's outside border so that you do not get the "double border" effect.



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We uploaded a new hotfix containing this fix (and a couple of other fixes). Hotfixes do not have the same level of testing as service packs so they can be provided in a more agile manner.JuanC

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