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Chart FX 6.2 shows Invalid License (1000000) Please contact softwareFX Support

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jcharocv    0

 I have an MFC application that has the ability to display multiple charts. I have added a new chart very similar to the others. If I run the new chart 1st I get the flowing:

Invalid License (1000000) Please contact softwareFX Support


This error will be displayed from that point on and the chart is for all partial purposes useless. If I display any of the other charts 1st, then the new chart displays correctly from that point on. I really need to know what causes this type of behavior and how to implement a fix.


Thanks in advance.

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Frank    0

Are you creating this chart dynamically (in code) or are you dropping it in a dialog?

If you are creating it dynamically, you must make sure you are passing a license.

The reason it works after another chart displays is that the license is validated only once per session. Once a chart succeeds, all others in the same process memory space will succeed.

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Askeryd    0

I experience te same problem.

We are using Dynamics AX in which you component is included with the installation. When creating a new form and adding an activeX component, choosing ChartFX, saving the form and then trying to open it it will make the message appear. If I first open one of the forms included in AX standard forms it opens up without problems and then I can open up the newly created form. However when closing the AX client and then restarting it the message will appear again.

How can we get it to work properly.

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