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Host application crashes after modifying PointLabels-property

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a_n_d_y    0


In my application I have a case when Chartfx generates a line, that consists of just one point. Modifying PointLabels-property causes crash.[/font]

Versions of COM-dlls I have(see attachment):

  • ChartFX.ClientServer.Annotation.dll - 6.2.2532.19893
  • ChartFX.ClientServer.Borders.dll -6.2.2532.19922
  • ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll -  6.2.2532.19852
  • ChartFX.ClientServer.Data.dll - 6.2.2532.19974

There's  a couples of details to be mentioned:

  • crash is reproducible only under 32-bit OS (I tested with windows XP, win7 and 2008 Server)
  • with other kinds of charts PointLabels don't cause the crash when we have single-value-chart



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