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Binding GridFX from a dropDownList

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Looking at the example on the RealEstate webProject. I'm following how the DataBind_GetData.aspx is binding the grid depending on the selection made on the dropdown. However, when I make my selection the grid dosnt get updated. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Kenia

I have created a simple Project, using Visual Studio 2008 and C# (I am attaching it as a zip file).  Also, I have created a simple table with only 2 rows, in order to demonstrate the selection of the data based on the databinding from a ComboBox.

Following, you will find the script for the datatable creation and data insertion:

create table KeniaTest(   id   numeric,   firstName nvarchar(20),   lastName   nvarchar(20),   country nvarchar(20),)

insert into KeniaTestvalues(1, 'Kenia', 'Aleman-Osorio', 'USA')

insert into KeniaTestvalues(2, 'Carlos', 'Chaves', 'Costa Rica')

Please create this datatable in your database and try the sample project I am attaching.

Carlos Chaves


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