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  1. We have license of ChartFX Client Server 6.2 and use it for two version of our product : 1) C++ MFC-based 32 bit Application 2) C++ MFC based x64 bit application. IDE is MS VS 2015. The 32-bit version of ChartFX control is works fine, but x64 version is crashing with “ShowTips” = true. The 32-bit version of ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll is newer then x64-bit version: 32-bit dll version is 6.2.2229.30687 and x64 dll version is 6.2.1637.1. Where can I find a newer version of x64 bit dll (The same as x86 or newer)?. Steps to reproduce bug: 1) In VisualStudio 2015 create new MFC Application. Select "Dialog based" interfaces in wizard. 2) Into dialog resource insert activex control "Chart Object" and set "ShowTips" property to "TRUE" 3) Set "Solution platform" to "x64" 4) Compile and run application 5) Move mouse over ChartFX control - application immediately crashes. Test project is attached - MFCTestChartFXx64.zip - Compile it and move mouse over ChartFX control. Best regards. MFCTestChartFXx64.zip
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