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  1. Did you get solution to this ? If so can you let me know .
  2. Hi, When we run our chart, a temporary chart is saved at location "chartfx70\Temp", is it possible to set our own directory for saving this temporary chart. I was load balancing the servers which caused the issue with the chart not displaying . one problem on a web farm architecture is that when the browser comes back to the server to retrieve such file; the HTTP request could be directed to another . For this reason i moved the chartFx folder from the webapps folder to a common directory which can be accessed by both servers. But now i see the charts are not rendering . I made changes to this chartfx.webforms.config file as below . But there is error with charts not rendering . Please help me out with this and let me know what are the changes required to relsolve this issue . <CfxIESettings> <Relative>chartfx70/temp</Relative> <AxCompat>True</AxCompat> <RequiredRoot>/home/tmp/</RequiredRoot> <DefaultHandler>ChartFX.WebForms.Internal.OutputFileHandler,ChartFX.WebForms</DefaultHandler> </CfxIESettings> Thanks in advance.
  3. Mini

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    hey SHin how did you get this resolved ?
  4. Can the temp folder under chartfx be placed under a common folder so it will be shared between 2 servers ? If so please can you let me know how to do this , Sh
  5. Did you resolve this issue, id fo can you let me know how you moved the temp folder ?
  6. Recently started load balancing the application between two machines . This has caused issues with the charfx downloads. Chart file dowloaded is unavailable due to load balancing..Is any configurations changes required? Any suggestions ? Thanks for your help in advance.
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