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  1. We are using the ChartFx version 6.2.1342 for .NET windows. We are facing problem with ChartFx runtime licensing. The problem here is that license is bound with a strong name key file. We have to sign our Project with the snk file to make it work. I see the following comment written in the Assembly info file of the project. This assembly MUST be signed with the xxx.snk key!!! ' Chart FX (third-party graph control) relies on the ' PublicKeyToken for it's runtime licensing. ' Failure to sign with the xxx.snk will result in ' Runtime licensing issues with the graphing feature. ' Providing a new key will also yield Runtime licensing ' failures since the licensing is directly related to ' this key's PublicKeyToken. The problem that we have now is that we need to get rid of the Strong naming of the assembly. But, when we do so, the runtime licensing does not work and we are getting the Invalid license errors. Can anyone help me in finding whether there is a way to use the ChartFX control without strong naming the assembly or the Strong name key file? This is very urgent and any help with this is highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards Rushikesh
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