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  1. I should add that this happens when I create the segments via C# or XAML. I'm using ChartFX 8.1 for WPF
  2. I'm having an issue with Axis Segments breaking the visual style of the series data. Here is the Chart XAML (I am trying to do most of this in XAML and not in C#) <cfx:Chart Margin="579,348,-6,0" x:Name="MassChart" ItemsSource="{Binding ChartData, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" Gallery="Line" PointCount="30" > <cfx:Chart.AxisX> <cfx:Axis Visibility="Visible" Step="1" Inverted="True"> <cfx:Axis.Title> <cfx:Title Content="Datapoint #" /> </cfx:Axis.Title> </cfx:Axis> </cfx:Chart.AxisX> <cfx:Chart.AxisY> <cfx:Axis Separation="1"> <cfx:Axis.Segments> <cfx:AxisSegment From="10" To="14" ></cfx:AxisSegment> <cfx:AxisSegment From="14" To="22" ></cfx:AxisSegment> </cfx:Axis.Segments> <cfx:Axis.Labels> <cfx:AxisLabelAttributes Decimals="1"/> </cfx:Axis.Labels> <cfx:Axis.Max>22</cfx:Axis.Max> <cfx:Axis.Min>10</cfx:Axis.Min> <cfx:Axis.Step>1</cfx:Axis.Step> <cfx:Axis.MinorStep>0.25</cfx:Axis.MinorStep> <cfx:Axis.Title> <cfx:Title Content="Weight" /> </cfx:Axis.Title> <cfx:Axis.Sections> <cfx:AxisSection From="0" To="14" Background="Red"> <cfx:AxisSection.Grids> <cfx:Grids ShowInFront="False"> <cfx:Grids.Major> <cfx:GridLine Stroke="Transparent" /> </cfx:Grids.Major> </cfx:Grids> </cfx:AxisSection.Grids> </cfx:AxisSection> <cfx:AxisSection From="10.8" To="12.8" Foreground="Green" Background="Yellow" /> <cfx:AxisSection From="11.3" To="12.3" Foreground="Green" Background="YellowGreen" /> <cfx:AxisSection From="11.75" To="11.85" Foreground="Green" Background="Green" /> </cfx:Axis.Sections> </cfx:Axis> </cfx:Chart.AxisY> <cfx:Chart.Titles> <cfx:Title>Weights</cfx:Title> </cfx:Chart.Titles> <cfx:Chart.LegendBox> <cfx:LegendBox Visibility="Hidden" Focusable="False" /> </cfx:Chart.LegendBox> <cfx:Chart.PlotArea> <cfx:PlotAreaAttributes Background="Transparent" /> </cfx:Chart.PlotArea> <cfx:Chart.AllSeries> <cfx:AllSeriesAttributes Fill="Black" Gallery="Line" StrokeThickness="2" > <cfx:AllSeriesAttributes.Marker> <cfx:MarkerAttributes Size="5"/> </cfx:AllSeriesAttributes.Marker> </cfx:AllSeriesAttributes> </cfx:Chart.AllSeries> </cfx:Chart> Attached is the resulting chart, and you can see that one of the series no longer shows the lines between the markers. If I remove the Segments, <cfx:Axis.Segments> <cfx:AxisSegment From="10" To="14" ></cfx:AxisSegment> <cfx:AxisSegment From="14" To="22" ></cfx:AxisSegment> </cfx:Axis.Segments> My data series shows the lines between the markers. How can I get this to work without breaking the series itself?
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