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  1. Hello, I am having an issue with chartfx 7 that I have been working hard to fix. The page contains 4 charts and while they work locally, they do not work in two different environments I have attempted to deploy to. The Issue is that when the page loads the Charts are empty with a red x, the chart tag in the src looks like this... <img width="700" height="400" border="0" src="/ChartFX70/PSS/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-062414380&type=png&mime=image%2fpng" id="ctl06$ctl00$___"> Although no pictures show on the page, corresponding files (with no file extension) are still created for each chart in the "Chart FX 7PSSTemp" location instead of the normal "Chart FX 7ChartFX70Temp" location. I can view these files as images If i edit these files to have a .PNG extensions. I have found that disabling the PSS service causes the charts to work in both environments, but its not a recommended practice from what I have read here. Here is some information in regards to setup that I have tried / know ChartFX70 is setup in IIS6 as a virtual directory The PSS service has FULL Trust We are using Forms Authentication and I have unsuccessfully tried to configure everything as per the website for this scenario. I have tried to alter the applications web.config to use a separate HTTPHandler for ChartFx.aspx and done the following things include the handler dll in the application bin include the "Chartfx.webforms.config" configuration file (I am not completely sure I set the HandlerURL right in here) I have tried setting the eventloglevel to Trace to see if I could see any additional information aside from the text i have qouted below from the event viewer. I have checked folder permissions on the chartfx folders to make sure the proper rights are granted. The Eventviewer gives an error upon loading charts that contains this info: Outside of disabling the PSS service, I am fresh out of luck. -Earl
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