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  1. here's a list of the dll's and versions. thanks
  2. Hi, I wanted ChartFx for .Net 6.2 to display the complete path/URL upon generation of the <IMG> tags. I figured I should change the ChartFx.Internet.config to include the "RequiredRoot" element. Having done so, I restarted the IIS application pool (actually several times) but changes are not taking effect.I'm using IIS 6.0 / .Net 2.0. Would appreciate if someone could help me out. Here's what I have in my ChartFx.Internet.config file: <CfxIESettings> <Relative>/ChartFX62/Temp</Relative> <RequiredRoot>http://ourdomain.com</RequiredRoot></CfxIESettings> the image tags come out as: <IMG SRC="/chartfx62/temp/CFT1008_01551116085.png" WIDTH="950" HEIGHT="300" > Thanks!
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