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  1. Hello Florent, I'm sorry but the .net render format was not included in this version of the chart. Webforms will now work only with images and in the next update with svg. Regards, Steven Walker
  2. Hi Alex, for now ChartFX8 import/export does not work with other components. The only thing you can do to interact with jChartFX or WPF would be exporting it as Text, and then you can use that text file as the datasource for other components. You would have to manually set the chart properties like Gallery, PointAttributes, LegendBox, etc.
  3. Hi Alex, I hope you have a good time using the new ChartFX 8. Regarding your questions: 1. Unfortunately, the ChartFX7 exported files are not compatible with the new ChartFX8. 2. ChartFX8 supports cross platform export/import without any problem. 3. Extensions are not currently available, and I cannot give you the exact date they will be. I can just say it will be soon. Regards, Steven Walker
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