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  1. Hi, I am running through the quickstart guide, and I am finding it quite vague, and not detiled enough. I have eventually got the sample running on the emulator, however I cannot get it running on my device. I have posted the instructions from the quickstart guide about getting it to run on a device below but I have no idea what I am expected to do from this instruction If you are using Chart FX for development only and plan to display charts only in the emulator then you don't need to provide any additional information. However, if you need to display charts on a device you must provide your Provisioning Profile(s) in the section available for that purpose. Your provisioning profiles are available in Xcode, under the Window -> Organizer -> Devices -> Provisioning Profilesmenu option. You only need the first portion of the provisioning profile, which is a series of uppercase letters and numbers before the first period. Usually, an organization will have a single provisioning profile, provided by the iOS Developer Program. However, if you have more than one provisioning profile, you can add multiple profiles to your license. Please be aware that there is a limitation in the number of profiles you can add. Follow the instructions provided at www.mysoftwarefx.com for further details Another comment I have is in the quickstart guide -> Using The Framework -> Configuring & Displaying the Chart. Is the code is incomplete it is missing a few lines of code at the bottom and is missing the line that actually adds the chart to the view. I know this is a new product but, I am an experienced ios developer and have used external frameworks in the past, and I would be suprosed if many people will be able to get a chart up and running based on the documentation provided in the quick start guide. Steps 1 & 3 in "Integrating the Framework" section is especially too vague Cheers Shane
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