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  1. Thanks ExequieIA, it is now working fine
  2. Hi, On our project we are using Chart FX 7 (2-D bars Chart), Web Forms, .Net, C# While using Chart Fx 7 on our project, data size varies at run-time and at some point there are so many bars to view. Currently the viewed chart is messed up as too many bars are drawn on small area and ChartFx tries to make them all fit in this area. So the volumes are so tiny that the labels interfere and are not readable. This is beside that all bars are so tiny. Please check the screenshot below. https://www.mysoftwarefx.com/incidents/DownloadFile.aspx?FID=c2300c89-774f-43bd-8198-6a8493be6e90 We need to make the chart freely expand horizontally without compressing the bars with the option to scroll horizontally. Could you please provide us with the right settings and some code samples for this? Thanks in advance.
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