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  1. Hi, When I copy the chart to the clipboard, it is copied only with the left and top border, but the bottom and right are missing. chart.Border = new ChartFX.WinForms.Adornments.SimpleBorder(SimpleBorderType.Color, Color.Black); chart.Export(FileFormat.Bitmap); Could it be something with export size? private static readonly Size ExportImageSize = new Size(600, 450);
  2. Hi, I have a toolbar visible, and one layout control that the user can turn on/off. If the screen is small, this control goes over the toolbar and I can't turn it off. Is there a possibility to shrink the toolbar or add a button to see the overlaid items. Something like that. On the attached picture, you can see the problem in the left chart. And I can't turn it off. I have two solutions prepared: 1. Move the item to the left in the toolbar list, 2. Add Close button on this window Thanks!
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