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  1. Got back to deal with this system and I'm still looking for a way to solve it... Anyone?
  2. Still didn't get any answer. I'll publish the result when I'll know how. Anyone?!
  3. Hi guys, Part of the requirements from the monitor I'm creating is to be able to remove points from the chart (clean exceptional data). At the moment I'm doing it one point at a time, and after each point I remove, i need to wait for the monitor to refresh (does some complicated calculations) . Therefore, I would like to be able to select multiply point by free hand, similar to a lasso selection (like in JMP app. - see image). Can I do it here with ChartFX 6.2 or 7.0? Thanks, Ori
  4. HI, recently I upgrade from chartFX 6.2 to 7.0 using the Wrapper. at the moment I'm facing many differences with the chart behavior, but the most annoying thing is that: When I'm trying to add a sub-command to the Context Menu (as was before the wrapper), I get and an Out-Of-Range exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurred Message=Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: commandId Source=ChartFX.WinForms ParamName=commandId StackTrace: at ChartFX.WinForms.SubCommandCollection.a(Int32 A_0) at ChartFX.WinForms.SubCommandCollection.Insert(Int32 index, Int32 commandId) at SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.Command.InsertSubCommands(Int32 index, Int32 commandId) at SPC.frmSPC.SetChartCommands() in C:\SPC\SPC\frmSPC.cs:line 2303 InnerException: ----------------------- I don't understand what went wrong.. and couldn't find any reference about that while using a wrapper. please help. Thank you! this is the code I use: private void SetChartCommands() { #region set the tool bars this.cfxChart.ToolBar = true; this.pbLegend.Visible = true; Color myColor = Color.FromArgb(78, 119, 200); this.cfxChart.ToolBarObj.BackColor = myColor; this.cfxChart.ToolBarObj.RemoveAt(6,1); SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandBar cmds = this.cfxChart.Commands; cmds[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.PersonalizedOptions].Enabled = false; cmds[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.Gallery].Enabled = false; try { cmds[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.ContextMenuBack].RemoveSubCommand(4); } catch { } cmds[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.ContextMenuSeries].RemoveSubCommand(0); #endregion #region add the cleaning command this.cfxChart.Commands.AddCommand(4); this.cfxChart.Commands[4].Style = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandStyle.Transposed; this.cfxChart.Commands[4].Text = "Clean/Unclean"; this.cfxChart.Commands[4].Picture = this.cfxChart.Commands.AddPicture(this.imageListTreeView.Images[7]); this.cfxChart.Commands[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.ContextMenuSeries].InsertSubCommands(1, 0); this.cfxChart.Commands[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.CommandID.ContextMenuSeries].SubCommandID[0] = 4; #endregion ... Ori
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