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  1. Managed to get ChartFX 98 working in VS2010. This article helped "Q1381002. Using Chart FX 98 in VC++ without MFC". Seems I just needed a different way to instantiate the graphing control. Go figure.... -Scott.
  2. 'lo everyone. Moving from a very old version of ChartFX (ChartFX 98 believe it or not) and trying to get 6.2 working within VS2010. For ChartFX98, in the stdafx.h/cpp I needed the following lines :: stdafx.h #import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace no_implementation #import "cfx4032.ocx" no_namespace no_implementation stdafx.cpp #import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace implementation_only #import "cfx4032.ocx" no_namespace implementation_only For 6.2 I am not sure what needs to be changed. Pointers in the right direction? I have been looking through the documentation, but nothing seems to address getting it hooked up for C++ & COM. Thanks in advance for all of your time, help, & ideas.... -Scott.
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