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  1. Hi Team, How to reduce the space between legends and line seperator in pie chart. In chartfx 5.5, i don't find much gap between these two. Please let me know how to reduce the space between these two.
  2. I want the front view of the pie should have more area. I have tried with Galleryobj.square = false. This works but the Size of the pie means front view gets decreased. Is there any way to increase the frontview of the pie.
  3. I got this. I have achieved this with the DrawingArea property of Legendboxobj. By setting the DrawingArea to false, we can allow the series of legend box to spread beyond the chart are. Below is the code for this. oChartFx.LegendBoxObj.DrawingArea = false
  4. Hi team, How to display 1.00 as "1" while at the same time 1.5 as "1.5" on Y axis in curve charts. Noticed that the data itself is never rounded, data is kept as a Doubleprecision floating point number, it is only rounded for display purposes on Yaxis. How can i display the floating number on Y axis. Regards, Ramesh.
  5. Yes, In Chartfx 6.2, Y value was removed. Chart1.Series(n).Yvalue(n) = array(x,y) was changed to Chart1.Value(x, y) = Array(x, y) in chartfx 6.2
  6. Yes, In chaftfx 6.2 this was changed to Chart1.Value(x,y) = something.
  7. Hi team In chartfx 6.2 com version I am not able to set the series allignment in the legendbox of piechart as that i have done in chartfx 5.5 com version. I have used oChartFx.LegendBoxObj.Alignment = ToolAlignment_Spread but this is not allowing the series to start from the starting of legend box Regards, Ramesh
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