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  1. Hi, I'm developing a tool to display data in realtime mode (around 3000 points at a speed of 50Hz) and I'm trying to understand how this mode works. I already read the documentation for CharFX7 for Java Desktop but there's no reference there to this mode. Searching in your forums I found some references and examples for Visual Studio and I created some code, although I need some help to understand how this works in order to improve by myself. Here is the sample code: chart.getRealTime().setBufferSize(3000); chart.getRealTime().setMode(RealTimeMode.LOOP); // I understand this creates a circular buffer, which is what I want chart.getRealTime().beginAddData(0, RealTimeAction.APPEND); // I cannot understand what is the first argument of this method chart.getData().set(series, point, value); // should I use this to add data? chart.getRealTime().endAddData(true, false); // I also cannot understand what is the meaning of this two arguments I'll appreciate your time and your help Thanks in advance, Jorge Pinto
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