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  1. Hello Support, I have a licensed copy of Software Fx for Winforms. Recently i had formatted my system. And when i try to install the Chart Fx, i am not able to install it. I am getting error while installing. Please help me in resolving the issue. (Please find the snapshot of the error I had encountered)
  2. HI Support, I had installed a licensed version of Chart fx on my system, but forgot my Chart fx key, how can i know the product key.....?
  3. I have a ribbon control which has 2 components. Module1 (this has Chart1, along with a reload button)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Module 2 Now in Module 1 try to highlight the legends in the legend box. The corresponding values will be shown in the chart. Now switch to Module 2 and switch back to Module 1. Now in Module 1 try to highlight the legends in the legend box. The corresponding values will not be shown this time in the chart.
  4. Hello All, I am using Chart Fx 7, where i have a Legend Box and a datagrid, when i move my mouse on to the legend box nothing is getting highlighted, where as, when i point it on to the graph or on to the datagrid, its showing the data. What might be causing this issue..........?
  5. When the legend box has more than one column, in the datagrid below, it is affecting the highlighting. Only the value is highlighted, not the column name. Some times it highlights, some times it does not. It is not consistent. How can i handle this issue. Reference: http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/600/2/189.htm
  6. i had executed a procedure which returns a dataset with 3 columns (a is int, b is date and c is string) and i had grouped the result by 2 columns (date and string). Now in the chart x axis i need date, y axis i need int and the remaining column as the datagrid header which is the date Now how should i handle this situation, bcoz when i give "Adjust Data to chart" i am getting 2 rows for each x axis, i dont want that.... I had attached screenshot of the same, i am getting the data as in the figure 1 but i want the data as in fig 2 please reply Regards Rac
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