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  1. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. I can see this property on the class just fine but it doesn't display in the SSRS designer. The property is declared as Browsable(false) so it doesn't display in the property window. Using the designer (because I have no other option in SSRS to set up the chart right?), how do I disable the break zero flag?
  3. Hi, I have a dataset that contains a lot of different attributes, ie sector, country, rating, market cap, and there is a column for each attribute type. The last column is return (or Profit/Loss) and I want to make a chart for each attribute using the same dataset as the source for all charts. The reason for this is that I do no want to call the same stored procedure 4 times to request the same data. Is there any way to tell the chart to group by a certain column and sum the results of the return column? All of these charts would be vertical bar charts. Thanks, Boyd
  4. Thanks for the prompt response. I'm using the SSRS Chart and I'm not seeing a Style property on AxisX, AxisY or AxisY2. Where exactly can I find this property for the SSRS Chart? Thanks, Boyd
  5. I want to disable the zero line for the grid axes. Is this possible?
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