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    Hi all, I have been tearing my hair out over a display issue we have with our bar chart and was hoping someone could assist. What we have is a dataset that has three columns in it: 1. Date: this is the date of the value sample 2. Day; this is a string with the values "Monday", Tuesday" etc... 3. Value; this is a double What we are doing is grouping the data by day so that we get a bar chart where we can do a data comparison. Its actaully pretty similar to example two in the help. Problem is when we plot it we get these big gaps in between the bars themselves and we dont know what is causing this. If you choose two fields (date and value) it creates 1 series. If you choose 3, it creates 3 series you can delete 1, but you can;t have less than two. All we want to do is get rid of the visual issue of the bars being so thin and widely spaced. Cheers!
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