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  1. Ha - I am replying to my own question....well this part of the forum doesn't seem too well trodden anyway! I got round this issue by doing the tests explicitly on the values I was plotting and then programmatically setting the attributes of each point independently (well done ChartFX for having independent control on points!). Would liked to have used the conditional attributes, but it seemed that the explicit colours I set on the datapoints were being affected whereas I wanted the series-wide conditional attribute to leave those alone. Perhaps a future version could have an extra possible value for each property of the condition, which means "don't touch this" e.g. condition.color = "don't touch the existing values"?
  2. Can anyone help? I am using the conditional attributes to do some formatting depending on value ranges. Do I have to set ALL properties of the conditional attribute in order for it to work properly, or just those I want changing? The reason I ask is that I am getting unexpected results where the conditional attribute appears to take on the properties of the first point covered by it, and replicate them to all other points it covers. For example, if I don't set the colour of the conditional attribute I expected it not to affect the colours of the points it applies to, but that is not the case.....all the colours in my chart become the colours of the first point. To me the effect I am seeing almost negates the usefulness of the conditional attribute because I would need to set each point individually in the above example (i.e. conditional attribute for each point because each point is a different colour), so why would I not just do that manually using the point attributes instead having tested the point value???
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