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  1. Is there a way to add multiple Y-axis?

    Chart FX Programmer's Guide and API are available online at the link below: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7_for_Java_Desktop/
  2. Custom Gridline duplicated

    Please make sure you are adding the CustomLegendItem inside a !IsPostBack block; as otherwise the CustomLegendItem will be added in every callback request. Please refer to the code below: [C#] if (!IsPostBack){ CustomLegendItem cli = new CustomLegendItem();cli.MarkerShape = MarkerShape.HorizontalLine;cli.Color = Color.Red;cli.Text = "Custom Grid Line" ;Chart1.LegendBox.CustomItems.Add(cli);} Adding all the code that will be executed just once inside that block would be a good practice. I hope this helps.
  3. Remove gridline at point 0

    Hello XTr33m, The behavior you are looking for can be achieved by setting the Style property of the X-axis. Please take a look at the code below: Chart1.AxisX.Style &= ~AxisStyles.BreakZero; I hope this helps.
  4. Hello jpdeslandes, In order to provide you with an accurate answer, could you please let us know whether you are instantiating the chart inside the main executable or wrapping it within a class library (.dll)?
  5. Invalid License 100800 ChartFX Production Server

    Hello Renato, In order to solve the invalid license 100800, please follow the steps provided in the article below: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_Internet_62/article/7621027 I hope it helps.
  6. Hello ozykaboo, The following article provides detailed information on how to upgrade your product to the full version: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/9901024
  7. Multiline or Wordwrap Titles....

    Hi FP2006, You can insert a newline (\n) character to wrap long text in the title. Take a look at the following sample: TitleDockable t = new TitleDockable (); t.Text = "This title is very very long for the chart control \n This is a bar chart control" ; chart1.Titles.Add(t); I hope it helps. Regards, support.softwarefx.com
  8. Chart is not shown..

    Hi dolgorae, Could you please try setting the trust levels of the Framework like this: a) Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration. On the left, expand the My Computer tree. Left click on Runtime Security Policy. On the right, click on Adjust Zone Security. c) Make sure that "Make changes to this computer" is checked. Click next. d) Enable full trust for My Computer, Internet, Intranet and Trusted Sites for now. e) Click next, then finish. Additionally, please change the Security Internet Options to: Internet >> Medium-low Local Intranet >> Medium-low Trusted Sites >> Medium-low Restricted Sites >> High Hope this helps.
  9. Inquiry

    Yes, Blue_Doc. Correct. Chart FX for .NET (for Visual Studio 2003) is Chart FX for .Net 6.2.
  10. Inquiry

    Hi, Chart FX for .NET 6.2 is available for sale. Please feel free to contact sales department at sales[AT]softwarefx.com. You can review our price list at: http://softwarefx.com/sfxOrder/pricing.aspx
  11. Install ChartFX5.5 Addiotional License needed

    This issue usually occurs when trying to install Chart FX in a multi-core CPU. In Chart FX Internet 5.5, the licensing scheme works as one license per CPU, therefore it may ask for more licenses when using a multi-core CPU since more than one CPU is detected in this kind of processors. You can acquire more additional CPU licenses with no need to upgrade. Please contact our sales department at sales@softwarefx.com and explain them your case. They will be more than glad to analyze your particular case, and help you to get those additional licenses. Please note that Chart FX 5.5 has been decommissioned for quite some time. Because of this decommissioning there are no more software updates or support for this product. Software FX has released many versions of Chart FX after Chart FX Internet 5.5. You can check detailed information of the latest version for COM which is called Chart FX for COM 6.2 at the link below: http://www.softwarefx.com/sfxComProducts/cfxForCOM/
  12. Visual Studio 2010

    Please contact our support staff directly at support[AT]softwarefx.com requesting for the latest installer compatible with VS2010. Please include your product serial number.
  13. Cannot install DataParts

    Sujit, Please contact our support staff directly at support[AT]softwarefx.com. They will be more than glad to assist you with the installation. Please include your product serial number as well.
  14. Could you please let us know which exact version are you using?
  15. Register

    If the system does not have direct access to the Internet, Chart FX installer is not able to reach our web server to validate the license, it is necessary to register the product manually. The recommended option validating the license is to choose the one that says to manual validate the Chart FX license. This will return a challenge code that you will need to take to the web address shown on the installer for validation purposes, and so you can receive the license string needed to complete your installation.