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  1. Does anyone at SoftwareFX actually do support on their products? I have a priority support license, and i send in obvious bugs in the application, and i get a standard 'we can't replicate this, please send a sample'. I imagine this dissuades some portion of users from even following up on the bug due the the time it can take to recreate code that has the bug. But when i do reply back with a sample that clearly illustrates the bug, they just stop responding. I have had one sample item in for 2 weeks that hasn't been responded on yet. Even a note to let me know that you were able to recreate the bug with the sample i sent you, and you are continuing to look into a fix, would be better then not responding at all. I am not really sure why we paid for this extra support if I don't get anything from it. At least on the forums I don't feel bad that no one ever answers 50% of the questions, since you don't have to pay for it.
  2. Is there a way to change the formatting of the labels atop the MACD study so that they don't round the MACD, MACD Divergence, and MACD Signal to whole numbers? This is the label above the study that gets populated with the point data when you click into the study.
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