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  1. I tried to combine three graphs (3D bar, 2D vertical bar, and a 2D vertical stack) in 1 ASP file and all seems to be OK....BUT I was just a little bit disappointed when I realize that the LEGEND did not appear in any of the three graphs! Why is this so...any explanation would be highly appreciated....or any suggestions as to how to make the LEGENDS appear, I will be very thankful.... By the way I'm using a license version of Chart FX COM 6.2 (bought it a week ago) Thanks!
  2. hello. i just follow the code written in your HELP section about PASSING DATA using a database(extracting data via SQL) it seems that the DATATYPE property is not working. actually i am trying to make a stack graph. the data for this stack graph is from a database(ms access) extracted by way of an SQL query. the query will return 3 fields ---> "Process", "Item Count", "Process Value per Item Count" --->field "Process" is of STRING type --->field "ItemCount" is of INTEGER type --->field "Process Value per Item Count" is of INTEGER type i want the "ItemCount"to be on the X-Axis, "Process Value per Item Count" on the Y-Axis, and the "Process" to be stacked on diff colors depending on what process it is. any suggestion on how to this would be greatly appreciated.... thanks a lot!!!
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