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    Hi I have set up a very simple chart, with Count on Y-axis and Quarter on X-axis. I got one count for each month - three per quarter. I have data for 5 years, so my labels on the X-axis has to show up in quarter - i have set up axis.step = 3. I am trying to figure out why my chart miss some data. In this example the chart only shows five marks, when i got six in my data. Example data: Quarter, CountQ1-07, 10Q1-07, 9Q1-07, 9Q2-07, 8Q2-07, 11Q3-07, 10 There must be some kind of grouping, because its the the to 9-values that becomes to one. Please help me understand! RegardsJust
  2. Hi I want to know how i combine a polygon and line in the same chart? I tried the combination "Area - Lines" but i cant figurer out how it works, when the area is a polygon. My challenge it a chart for a Real Estate company that shows "Average price per m^2" as a line combined with a background pattern thats shows the gab between the upper and lower quartiles. /Just
  3. I have a similary case. I want to know if you can set "Max + 20%" ? Simply - is it possibly to use expressions?
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