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  1. Sorry, that should be "X axis" all throughout, not "Y axis"!
  2. Hi, I have some time-based data points - they are in the form of a date and a reading taken at that date. The dates are not necessarily at regular intervals. When I plot this, I get all the data points spaced linearly, but I want them to be at intervals representing how far apart they were taken. I see in the documentation a reference to having a "categorical" Y axis, and I think this is what I have. But I want a Y axis where the Y values determine where the points are. How can I do this? (I have tried using dates converted to linear numeric values but this doesn't help.) Thanks
  3. Yes, I looked at that, but the problem is that it seems to be done by column number. I can't rely on particular columns being in particular positions - I need to do it by field name. Because I'm using a BindingSource, I don't know of a way of finding out what column names are at what positions. So I was hoping I would be able to give the chart object the names of the columns to use.
  4. Hi,I'm trying out ChartFX Lite for some simple charting. I have a BindingSource which eventually refers to a DataTable with a number of fields. I want to plot one field as the X axis and another as the Y axis, but I don't see any way to specify which fields are used for charting. This seems to be a fairly simple thing to do. How can I tell the Chart object what fields to use?Thanks
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