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    ChartFx - Bar Color

    Hi, Is is possable to change the default blue bar color (which is blue) to some different color? See screenshot Thank you.
  2. Hi, Is it possable to define a maximum bar width? See screenshot of my chart Is it possable to let my bar chart have bars with smaller width? Thank you.
  3. Second thought, It would be nice to know about how to solve 1. too :-) Thank you.
  4. I'm more worried over problem 2. (not as much over 1.). Any ideas? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm using a ChartFX Bar-Chart. 1. All text on X-Axis fits here 2. But not here :-( 1. The text on X-Axis "Raw Fish" overlaps -7,6%. How can I fix this? 2. How can I make all the horizontal text fit on X-Axis on 2. ? Thank you! :-)
  6. Hi, Is it possable in ChartFX to mark the end of year in a graph? That is, to mark the end of year, f.ex. with a black vertical line? See screenshot (marked with yellow) Thank you! :-)
  7. Endelm

    AxisX -> Max/Min

    Is there any way of deciding on runtime the min and max values on the Y - Axis? (sorry, not X-Axis) Thanks.
  8. Endelm

    No border

    Solved. Border Properties -> Simple Border Color: White
  9. Endelm

    No border

    Hi, How can you eliminate all borders on the chart? Thanks.
  10. Endelm

    AxisX -> Max/Min

    Hi, Can you use an expression to control the Max/Min of AxisX? If not, is there any other way to decide this based on input data? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Is is possable to use 2 datasources at the same time in a chart? That is, for displaying 2 x drawings in the same chart? Thanks :-)
  12. Endelm

    Customize a Legend

    Hi, Is it possable to customize the legend so it appears somewhat like this: http://queenanna.netfirms.com/screens/Legend.jpg That is: 1. Inside the graph 2. Calculate the % and display it in the legend (new value - old value) / old value Thank you.
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