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  1. When the user right-clicks on a sigma1, sigma2, sigma3 Color stripe in SPC the color is changed on the screen, but the statistical legend color is not correspondingly changed. The StudyInteractive object appears not to be updated with the new stripe color. Is there an event that could be captured that would allow the StudyInteractive object to be updated so the legend color will change? Changing the USL,LSL and Mean line colors via the drop down context menu also does not update the statistical legend. Thanks for any help.
  2. The SPC Chart will draw a line for USL, LSL and Mean. When the line is right-clicked, a context menu drops down and allows the user to change the line color, showline, show text, and text color / font. However, one of the most useful line properties that a user needs to change is line width and line style. Is there a way to add these items to the default context menu? Even if the context menu won't handle the event automatically, the event could be handled externally in added code. Thanks for any help..
  3. Is there an Event that I could register for that would tell me that the chart's Gallery Type was changed? I need to know this in order to perform some additional scaling when the user switches from a normal gallery, like LINE to a statistical chart gallery like XCHART. Thanks.
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